Why is pesto so good?  Because it’s greens that your body needs, plus nuts, and a ton of oil and cheese.  Basically, a ton of (mostly healthy) fats and incredible flavors bombarding your taste buds.  It’s easy on the tummy, too, which is a huge plus.  I make batches of pesto every time I get fresh greens from my mom’s garden, so stay tuned for a recipe!

Anyway, I usually make crazy food creations around winter holidays, because (1) it’s cold so I’m always hibernating inside, and (2) the season is full of gatherings.  A perfect time to be over the top with some insane sculpture out of fruit or bread (don’t worry, when the time comes, you’ll see them!).  

I wanted to share my pesto pull-apart bread that I made a while back for a friend’s dinner.  I couldn’t tell you what inspired this, except that I had nothing to do that day other than make pesto and bread.  It was simple yet mouth-watering.  My mouth is actually watering thinking back on this. 


pesto bread


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