Sheath of Wheat Bread, OCD-style


Having OCD and loving to cook is a bit of a blessing and a curse.  It’s a pain because everything takes me much longer than it should to cook because I have to constantly stop to clean all of the countertops and wash my hands while I’m trying to finish making something, which is annoying; however, it also allows me to make tedious, obnoxious shaped breads like this sheath of wheat here.  My love of cooking, creating themed-based “pretty” foods, and with my obsessiveness lends itself to a lot of bread and cake baking.  


I have made this twice now, but only somehow managed to take these pics.  Probably because after hand-kneading the dough and 4 hours of manipulating that dough into 200 pieces, my hands were temporarily claw-shaped.  Both times, I made this for harvest-themed parties, and served it with some sort of dip.  Insane?  Maybe.  But it was a hit both times, and I loved every second of making it.  

Source:  I got the design and general instructions from my favorite bread cookbook, The Bread Bible.  


One thought on “Sheath of Wheat Bread, OCD-style

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