My Birthday Part 2: My Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My birthday. So wonderful, full of friends and laughter, and of course, good eats.


This is an uncanny twin to my unfriendly, temperamental cat. Which means there are two of them out there.  (Photo from

I don’t get homesick too often, but I do tend to get a little home-woozy when my birthday hits. Of course I want to celebrate with my loved ones, but it’s more than that: birthdays are a huge deal in my family. It’s a time when we slow down, put away our electronics, and focus on that person. The best part of having your birthday in my fam is that you get to choose anything you want for dinner. My mom called to tease me with the what do you want me to cook for your birthday? question she always asks, and it made me sad I was missing out on one of her great dishes.
But I can cook anything I want for myself! The hard part is choosing, since I want to eat everything. I’ve had a hankering for a grilled cheese (one of the only foods I ate as a tot… I also called it a “hot cheese breakfast” like the moron 4 year old that I was, and good ole mom STILL references that to this day). But along with my craving for a g.c. is a hard hankering for one of my favorite foods on the planet:  goat cheese.
Ah, goat cheese. Love it or hate it, emirite? I am the only person in my family that eats it, yet most of my friends kill for it. I don’t know. I think it’s amazing, and I just bought a lot of it. So prepare for another goat cheese-related recipe soon, or know that I ate the whole thing with a spoon and am now hating my decisions.
So, I decided to keep expanding my sandwich here… What else am I obsessed with? Avocado. Yup, that’s happening. And I cannot have a grilled cheese without tomato, that’s how I roll. I contemplated bacon, but I decided to leave it out. Next time, pig.  Next time.
This sandwich was the best thing I’ve had to eat since my pork and pumpkin chili. Not that long ago, but still remembering how amazing it was. Feel free to pair with your own fav ingredients. Who is stopping you?


I am not going to provide a recipe here, but I will give you a quick run through of my steps, and provide you with a little foodporn.

  • I lightly buttered one side of each slice of bread, and placed that side face down on a hot skillet.
  • just before the bread was toasty, I removed the sliced from the pan and smeared goat cheese on each slice.  Then i returned the slices, buttered-side still down, back to the pan to finish getting all golden and hot.
  • When the bread was toasted, I removed it from the pan, and arranged my avocado and tomato slices on the goat cheese, and made some magic. FullSizeRender

I paired this with my homemade sweet potato fries. Enjoy!FullSizeRender


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