Invisa-lame: The First Week

Hi.  Thanks for navigating over to this neck of the blog!  I won’t be writing recipes here.  No no.  I fully plan to use this to share the joys and pains of the Invisalign experience.

As I wrote in my last blog entry, I started Invisalign with Propel last week.  I decided to do this because, well, I am 29, not married, and my life is hard enough without contraptions that force a lisp and a weird smile.  I was spending pretty much all of my little precious free time in the days leading up to the start of this thing trying to find other accounts of folks’ experiences, so I thought it might be helpful to those who want to take this on.  So, here we are.

I didn’t write about the Propel process in my entry, because it’s really gross, and I don’t want to associate that with a yummy recipe for pizza; so I’ll briefly describe the process for you now:

  1. They etch and bond a bunch of attachments (aka buttons) to your teeth that look like brackets from regular braces.  I was extremely fortunate that I didn’t need them on my front teeth, but I have like 11 over all.  It doesn’t hurt, just a long and annoying process.
  2. They numb the heck out of you with these really slippery Fruit Roll-up mixed with a slug objects, that they slide in your mouth.  Gross, but they work, and no needles!  I’m all for that.
  3. Then, the awful part:  the doc comes over with a scratch-awl looking tool from the Stone Age and hand-cranks little holes into your face.  In, in, in, in, in, and out, out, out, out, out. In between all of your teeth.  The good news:  you don’t feel it (except pressure).  The bad news:  you know you will feel it later.

It wasn’t too bad, actually.  I was in pain that night, but nothing beyond what I could handle. The most difficult part is keeping the attachments in all the time.  They are ALWAYS on my mind.  I constantly finding myself day-dreaming of ripping them out and throwing them, and pumping my victory fists.

The take away from week 1:IMG_4186

  • Coffee (even iced) DOES stain the aligners.  I am a true coffee addict, so this will be tough.
  • I am very aware at how much and how often I eat.  Right now I am always hungry, but trying to find a good balance!
  • The worst irritation is the sharp edge and tongue issue.  Filing down is a must!
  • The lisp is real, and very noticeable.  There is no way around it.  But I heard it goes away, so I’ve made my peath with it 🙂
  • fight through the pain and irritation, and remember that it IS just temporary!

I change my aligners every Wednesday, so I am a little scared of what the first change-up will bring.  But it gives me something to look forward to!


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