Invisa-lame: Week 3

I made it through the first two weeks and lived to tell the tale!  From all other blog posts I’ve read on this subject (which as A LOT), everyone kept saying two just hold on and make it through the first two weeks:  the lisp, the routines, the odd feeling of plastic will all fall into place.

Like we have a choice, right?  What if I didn’t want to go through it after those two weeks?  I mean, the doc drilled holes into my jaw to make my teeth move.  What would my mouth decide to do if I said, eh, this isn’t for me after all.

Best news so far:  I went home this past weekend, and neither my family nor my friends even noticed I had them until I took them out to eat. I wasn’t expecting that at all!


So anyway, I just had a follow-up with the orthodontist, and everything is going well so far.  I have to get some spacing done about half way through.. apparently that involves in in-office procedure of sandpapering my teeth to file them down.  Sounds good, I’ll take it!  More good news, I may not need to do another round of Propel after all.  We shall see.

The take-away so far:

– you DO get used to the aligners in your mouth, over time. I honestly barely notice them anymore.

– your lisp DOES go away.  Mine took about a week.

– Filing down your aligners is crucial.  My tongue and gums were uber cut up last week because I didn’t do a thorough enough job filing.  This week, I took a solid hour the night before I changed them to make sure all of my edges were smooth.


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