Invisalign – Week 7

New Gross Habits

I have a feeling this entire page is going to be filled with nothing but nasty things about myself.  I have become the least attractive person, which is mostly due to my outlandish personality mixed with my inability to embarrass easily.  And now, I have a new object to be gross about, talk about with no boundaries (like my last entry), and be completely disgusting in public. My own 10-year-old nephew told me last weekend this is why you will be alone forever.  

Here’s my latest level of WTF am I doing:  I was on a long drive home to visit my family for my little bro’s graduation, and to see my newborn niece for the first time.  I am not a huge fan of car trips, and just wanted to get there ASAP, so I wanted to minimize my stops; however, drinking coffee and eating with aligners make this a challenge.  Well, I decided that brushing, flossing, and rinsing wasn’t going to slow me down.  I just so happened to have an empty water bottle next to me, which I fashioned into a make-shift spit cup, and proceeded to brush my teeth, while driving, in the middle of the day.  (I will spare you pictures.  You’re welcome.)

Yup.  If you are reading this, and you told a story about the nutcase who was brushing and flossing while driving on I-90, you now have it in writing.  It was this girl.#noshame.

Hey, gotta keep those aligners from getting nasty, and gotta fight off those cavities, right?  What do I care?  I’m never going to see those jabronies driving with me on the highway again, and if I do, we will have a good laugh about it.  No cares.


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