Invisalign – Week 10

Nearly half way!!!!!! Can you feel my excitement oozing through the screen?

It’s been same-old, steady as she goes for a few weeks.  Teeth are sore the morning after I change my aligners.  No matter how much I file down those suckers, my tongue still manages to get cut after a day’s worth of talking.  To be fair, though, I talk A LOT.

But something new did happen!  For the first time, someone noticed my teeth looking straighter.  A friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a few weeks randomly  (and unprompted) said that she can see a change in my teeth.

I didn’t take a picture of my week one (dumb, yes), but my orthodontist has them.  Anyway, here is a comparison of week 6 to today:

IMG_4693                                   FullSizeRender

Week 6                                                                                        Week 10

I am completely used to them now.  I actually had the insane thought this week:  what will I do when this is over?

Answer:  eat.

I go in next week for “spacing,” which the hygienist described as oh, he takes sandpaper and files down your front teeth.  Awesome.  Count me in.


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