Invisalign: Week 19

Week 19 of 22.  That’s right, 4 sets of aligners to go, including the ones hugging my teeth right now.

…But maybe not.  I went to the orthodontist to pick up these last 4 sets, and received some unfortunate news:  a couple of my teeth are not behaving.  See, the cool part of the Invisalign process/system is that the company sends the doc a video of what your teeth are supposed to do under the pressure of the aligners.  By now, my teeth are supposed to be all perfectly straight.

Well, this is what my bottom teeth are actually like:

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4)

Yes, a vast improvement, but still no where close to the perfectly straight and beautiful teeth that I saw on the screen.  So, what does this mean?

Well, I have a choice at the end of all of this, when I go in on Sept 2nd to get the attachments (aka buttons, aka teeth warts, aka there’s something on your teeth there) removed:  I can leave them as-is and get my retainers, or I can do refinement aligners.  I knew refinements were a possibility (but was really crossing my fingers that I would be the lucky one), but had no clue what was involved.  I asked the hygenist what I was to expect with refinement aligners, and she said it’s the Invisalign process all over again!  Come in for molding and pictures, send to the Invisalign company, come back in to get attachments and the dreaded Propel (the gross drilling into the jaw bone) done, and start with the aligners.

Okay, I can make my peace with all of that, but here’s the kicker:   I asked how long I would need to wear them, thinking “refiners” would be a tweaking of just a few weeks max, right?  Nope.  She said it can be up to the length of my original aligners.  Another 22 weeks of this?!  I was not prepared for that answer.

So I really need to think about this:  I mean, I’ve come this far for a straight smile.  Should I think of it as good enough and leave it, or sign on for another few months?


3 thoughts on “Invisalign: Week 19

  1. Thank you for your input! It is so helpful to hear from someone who’s been through all of this. As you know, there’s so much to consider when continuing the aligners. I think your advice of waiting until after the impressions are done to make a decision is fantastic. Thank you so much!

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  2. I’m getting my teeth rescanned in a few weeks for refinement as I have a few that are falling behind. My advice is to get the moulds done and then make an informed decision. Think about this – after all the hassle, money, time & effort you have gone to for straight teeth will you look back on this in a few years time and wish you had stuck with it and finished it right?
    Good luck no matter what you choose!


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