Invisalign: week 20

I would say that probably my biggest flaw (so few of them to choose from) is my irrationally absurd reactions to people/events not adhering to established time limits.  If someone tells me they will get back to me by Monday, and I don’t hear from them until like Thursday, they might as well be dead to me.  In college, if a professor let us out late from class, I completely tuned him out from the time we were supposed to get out until he released us; even if he said we would get out 10 minutes early, and we end up getting out on time, those 10 minutes might as well have been taught in sign language to a blind man.  I was seething in my chair, thinking of the lies I was told about the past 10 minutes.

I wish I could say I’ve outgrown this, but I still struggle with this.  If the T monitor says the next train is arriving in 5 minutes, and 6 minutes have come and gone, I break down.  If I am waiting for a package to arrive and it says to expect it COB Monday, and its 8:30pm, I am on the phone with the delivery company.  How did (read:  does) my mother deal with me?

This brings us to my Invisalign, and my struggle with the choice to continue with refinement aligners or just be done with it.  Weeks 20 through 22 are to “hold the shape” of my teeth, meaning they are done moving.  So, this is where I am at:IMG_5533IMG_5534

I can’t get two things out of my head:

  1. the dental assistant’s statement showing me the screen of my perfectly-aligned CGI teeth, stating this is where your teeth should be.  What the heck, teeth!  Can’t you see the screen?  Get with the program!
  2. the idea that 22 weeks is 22 weeks.  not 32, not 40, not whatever they are going to tell me in September when they get a new plan from Invisalign.

If you give me a deadline, I cling to it with a death grip, and have a toddler-style meltdown if that deadline is not met.


2 thoughts on “Invisalign: week 20

  1. I can relate to that……I was a bit concerned when my ortho said he had worn his for two years, but was going another two years – I kid you not. Apparently his own choice to get further work done but what on earth warrants a four year treatment plan. I have 52 trays, and am just on no 14….sigh, and have just realised that things are about to get a whole lot worse before they get better


  2. Deep breath! I’m sure your aligners won’t mind if you tune them out and don’t listen. Alternately, just bite down on them extra hard – show them who’s boss!! 😋
    Good luck!


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