Invisalign: the end! (but not really)


Today is the day!  The end of the 22 weeks, and the day I get my attachments off.  It went by so quickly!  It’s true that you get used to your aligners really quickly, and brushing just becomes a daily routine.  In fact, now that I know just how gross my mouth gets, I doubt that regimen will be lost.

But it’s not really over, regardless of what the next course of action is.  In reality, unless the cost is crazy, I will most likely be going for refinement aligners, thanks to my bottom teeth being stubborn.


From late June


From Sept 1

There has been very little improvement, and I feel like I’ve come this far.

I’m not so concerned about the bottom crookedness as I am about my teeth touching oddly– my front 4 bicuspids touch first, so my back teeth barely meet together at all.  I’m hoping it’s just the attachments getting in the way, but I’m not usually that lucky.

However, if I do not continue, I still get to wear a retainer for the rest of my existence.  And, to make it even more awesome, the first months of retainer-wearing get to be around the clock, so it’s pretty much the EXACT SAME as wearing an aligner.  Shhchweet.

More things I’ve learned from this experience:

  • You WILL need refiners.  Find out if the cost is included when you begin.
  • You should buy stock in toothpaste, because you’ll go through at least 3 a month.
  • You’ll be wearing your retainers around the clock for a long while, so the finish line is pretty much non-existent.
  • Your aligners will get rough at the bottom of teeth from tooth grinding, eating/drinking highly acidic foods and drinks (like coffee!), and drinking things that are too hot.  This is the aligner “shredding,” as they apparently do because of the new material they are made of.
  • Your aligners not only stain easily, but they will smell rounchy.  Using retainer cleaning tablets are a life saver!
  • Invisalign is not nearly as noticeable as they feel in your mouth.  I’ve had a lot of people never notice them at all.
  • Propel = totally worth it.

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