Invisalign – the Dark Ages

For the rest of you, that was a Wedding Crashers reference.

That’s the nicest thing I can call my current situation with the wrap-up of this fiasco.  Let me catch you up to speed on the past several days between me, my aligners, and my orthodontist:

Last Wednesday – as you recall, I was so thrilled to get my buttons off, and talk next steps!  Didn’t go as planned.  After fighting traffic for an hour and a half, sitting in the waiting room for another 40 minutes, I was finally called back.  The result?  Less than a 60-second sit-down with the doc:  “Looks good, we will schedule you next week to get your buttons off.”  What what what??!  I KNOW that this was the appointment for removing, talking next steps, etc. The worst part?  I had to keep my gross, discolored, fraying, smelly aligners in for an extra week, until my appointment made for Tuesday.

The following Tuesday:  another fight through traffic, another 35 minutes in the waiting room (seriously, what’s the point of making an appointment at this place?  Come to think of it, I have never been seen sooner than 15 minutes after my scheduled time).  The doctor sat me right down, and crude-tooled my attachments off immediately.  One hurt so badly (and still hurts) that I think he cracked my tooth.   A 10 second glance at my teeth, and a matter-of-fact statement from him:  “Yup, you need refiners.”  I was told we would discuss everything on Tuesday when I came in; at that point, whenever I had a question (like, why don’t my teeth touch when I bite down), he brushed me off, stating that we can discuss that at my ClinCheck. Then, my breaking point was reached.  I was told that his assistant left for the day, and I would need to come back another time this week to get impressions of my teeth done.  Oh, and just keep wearing my current aligners until the new ones come in about a month after they are ordered.  And just like that, I was rushed out of there, while he was already on to someone else.  Not a good experience.

Why.  Why. Why why why why.  Why.

Why couldn’t they have called me and told me on the phone today that the assistant needed to leave early?  Why couldn’t they order another aligner, if I would be wearing this one for a minimum of 6 weeks, whether I chose refinements or a retainer?  This was really poor planning, which is ridiculous considering that the entire system is planned out in advance.

Okay, I’m done with my #firstworldproblems.  I’m just trying to make it through the next several weeks without taking out my frustrations on fellow commuters as we sit in traffic together.


One thought on “Invisalign – the Dark Ages

  1. Oh Hun – that’s a terrible week! Take a deep breath and just think of the end game. Your back teeth not touching is exactly what the refinements are for so see them as a positive not a negative. Also – don’t freak out by the number of aligners in your refinement as my dentist told me they are work for less time.
    Hopefully this all gets better for you soon! Xx


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