Invisalign Take Two: Week 4

In my swirly-twirly life of all-work and little play, I have had this update on my to-do list for a while now.  Well, here I am, week 4 of my refinement aligners.  So far, it’s been fine:  my first day was much more painful than I was expecting, but it hasn’t been that way since, thankfully.  The only issue, which hasn’t changed from last time, is the discomfort from the edges of the aligners.  I am constantly trying to file down my aligners to a tolerable level that doesn’t cut up my gums, lips, and tongue, but it’s nearly impossible.  I suppose I should expect that when I place foreign plastic object in my mouth around the clock, right?

Anyway, I have been given 14 weeks of aligners, which doesn’t sound bad at all; however, February 2nd feels like a really long way off!

Here’s week 1:

and today (three weeks later, beginning Week 4 today):


No noticeable difference to me yet, although my teeth are beginning to touch more when I bite down, so I know progress is happening!


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