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Peanut butter and jelly

Welcome!  I’m glad you’re coming with me on this crazy journey of my food blog.  I’m Jenni, if you couldn’t tell by the website name, the title, or my picture staring at you.  I love to laugh, eat, cook, learn, and teach, usually in that order.  If I offend you with my writing, then you need to stop taking life so seriously.

So, here we are.  The inspiration for this blog is two-fold:  my love to teach, and those out there who “can’t cook” (my dear loved ones reading this, I mean you, too!).  Just as the ever-wise chef on Ratatouille said, “Anyone can cook.”  Now I’m sure you’re arguing at me through your computer screen right now.  Go ahead, let it out.  I can’t hear you.

Done?  Deep breath.

Okay.  Sure, I believe in special talents.  I acknowledge that Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck have a knack for knife skills and a flare for flavor (and decades of training and experience under their belts, mind you), and am in no way going to push you to be something you’re not.  But what gets under my skin is when folks say they can’t cook.  When they say, “I can’t do anything beyond a pb & j.”

Well, let me pose this question to those who “can’t cook:”  how did you learn to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  Seems like a silly question, I know… it doesn’t involve cooking, it takes little preparation, and virtually no recipe.  So, how did you learn?  Chances are, it was a mix of you observing someone making it with you taking it on all by yourself.  If the directions for a pb & j were written out for you that first time, could you handle it?  I’m sure you could.

Now I know that a simple sandwich is slightly different than taking on the task of, say, preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 8 people, but the process isn’t all that different.  After a step-by-step guide with pictures, including some helpful tips, the possibilities are endless.  If you can read, you can cook.  That simple.

Perhaps you, dear reader, fall into this category of a self-deprecating kitchen disaster.  It’s okay, I’m not here to judge.  I’m here to challenge, inspire, and show you that you can. You WILL have some failures… I’ve had plenty, and you will hear about them.  It’s not a bad thing; it’s how we learn!  Don’t be discouraged.  Give it to the dog, pour yourself a drink, and learn to laugh at yourself.


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